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Corporate legal professionals use WombatLegal eDiscovery to assess the risk of a litigation case more quickly and effectively. They can allocate key documents from across the organisation for different issues and undertake first level review of information. Dealing with legal, regulatory or investigative matters from within a single application with unparalled defensibility has never been easier.

Legal Firms

Legal professionals in law firms use the WombatLegal electronic discovery solution to access and review a clients case more quickly and effectively. The integrated tools including Predictive Coding, Near Duplication, Email Threading and Keyword Extraction allow quick review in context and faster throughput of information. Risk assessment is undertaken more quickly and effectively.

Service Providers

Service providers are able to take advantage of a best of breed 'early case assessment' tool that can deliver a productive complement to their other e-discovery services and offerings to their clients. The WombatLegal platform is intuitive to use which means users take advantage of the offering quickly in assessing and managing their data in a litigation matter.

Optional Cloud Delivery via the Web

Can run on your PC, computer room servers or via flexible Cloud hardware capacity where you only pay for what you use. High quality Cloud providers in your jurisdiction guarantee physical security of server infrastructure.

Integrated Search

WombatLegal's proprietary search technology allows you to search and categorise very large data sets quickly and effectively. The search technology has been proven in large scale implementations for over 15 years and is proven to deal with and manager very large case matters.

Practical First Response e-Discovery Platform

WombatLegal's first response e-discovery platform provides you with a powerful, cost effective and practical enviornment to quickly access, cull and review information for small or very large amounts of data for early case assessment in a litigation case.

Proprietary Search Technology

Our proprietary search engine provides extensive, immediate results, grouping data in collections for contextual analysis and determination in early stage review.

The scalability of the search engine means you can process and analyse very large matters with ease and in a cost effective manner!

Dynamic Near Duplication

Our unique ability to change the %percentage near duplication means that you can manage various file types and groups more quickly and effectively. No need to re-process your data set for a different near duplication %percentage - change it right in front of your eyes and manage your data in context.

Integration in the main platform means you can run near duplication before your eyes and review information immediately.

Email Threading

Integrated email threading also allows you to tag and assess email in context.

Utilise email threading visualisation to understand conversations and review content in context.

WombatLegal's email threading technology is integrated into the platform allowing you to view and categorise information in the one review session. Check how many exact duplicate and how many near duplicate emails you are reviewing whilst in the conversation thread.

Missing email detection highlights parts of a thread where the collection lacks emails, allowing computer forensic specialists to collect them.

Keyword Extraction

Keyword extraction allows for automated evaluation of keywords from a set of documents deemed to be relevant to an issue. Extracted keywords can then be used in further searches to reach other responsive documents.

Predictive Coding

The integrated automatic classifier learns from distinct sets of documents provided by the reviewer. Once taught the classifer can automatically sort through large document sets in a fraction of the time needed by a manual review process.